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2019 (vol. 10)

  • Suicidality in a Non-Clinical Sample of Nigerian Adolescents: Prevalence and Correlates
    Opakunle Tolulope, Aloba Olutayo, Suleiman Babatunde, Akinsulore Adesanmi
    Suicidology Online 2019;10:7.

  • Gender and Suicide: an Exploration of Suicidality with Reference to Gender in Dir Lower, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan
    Nasar Khan, Arab Naz, Waseem Khan, Waqar Shahzad, Ayesha Gul
    Suicidology Online 2019;10:6.

  • Preadolescence and Attempted Suicide: A Qualitative Analysis of Parent-Child Relationships
    Jennifer Weniger and Brian Distelberg
    Suicidology Online 2019;10:5.

  • Dermatoglyphic biomarkers in mothers whose offspring completed suicide. A clue for screening out families at risk?
    Israel Oron
    Suicidology Online 2019;10:4.

  • Suicide in post agreement Northern Ireland: A Study of the Role of Paramilitary Intimidation 2007-2009
    Sharon Mallon, Karen Galway, Janeet Rondon-Sulbaran, Lynette Hughes, Gerry Leavey
    Suicidology Online 2019;10:3.

  • Suicide and Human Sacrifice; Sacrificial Victim Hypothesis on the Evolutionary Origins of Suicide
    D. Vincent Riordan
    Suicidology Online 2019;10:2.

  • A review of Suicide and Agency: Anthropological Perspectives on Self-Destruction, Personhood, and Power
    Christian Thorsten Callisen
    Suicidology Online 2019; 10:1.

  • 2018 (vol. 9)

  • Long-term suicidogenic effect of being mostly alone as a child in a Stockholm birth cohort – restating the role of social isolation in suicide
    Yerko Rojas
    Suicidology Online 2018;9:5.

  • Firearms Policy, Suicide Prevention and the Swedish Model
    Ardavan Khoshnood
    Suicidology Online 2018;9:4.

  • The Role of Communitas in the Prevention of Suicide in Italy A Comparison with the United States
    Chris G. Caulkins
    Suicidology Online 2018;9:3.

  • Assisted Suicide for Prisoners
    David Lester
    Suicidology Online 2018;9:2.

  • “Are You a Robot?” A Discourse Analysis of Rapport-Building in Online Crisis Chats
    Maria Timm
    Suicidology Online 2018;9:1.

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