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2019 (vol. 10)

  • 13 Emails Why: A Qualitative Study of Jakarta Citizens’ Online Help Seeking Experiences in Suicidal Crisis
    Steven Cokro, Benny Prawira
    Suicidology Online 2019;10:12.

  • Supporting the Bereavement Needs of Pacific Communities in New Zealand following a Suicide: A Survey of Service Providers
    Jemaima Tiatia-Seath, Roy Lay-Yee, Martin von Randow
    Suicidology Online 2019;10:11.

  • Suicide Ideators and Attempters – Differences and Risk Factors for the Use of Violent Methods at Admission in a Psychiatric Ward
    Sara Malta Vacas, Ana Rita Carvalho, Cláudia Mota Pinto, Catarina Klut, Maria João Heitor
    Suicidology Online 2019;10:10.

  • Adverse Childhood Experiences and Non-Suicidal Self-Injury as mediated by Pathological Personality Traits
    Marc Eric S. Reyes, Roger D. Davis, Ariane Melisa D. Rojales, Christian Paulo R. Zamora, Denielle F. Germodo, Lea Rizza V. Lanuza, Ann Nicole R. Manahan
    Suicidology Online 2019;10:9.

  • Parental Attitude, Internalized Homophobia, and Suicidal Ideation Among Selected Self-Identified Filipino Gay Men in the Philippines
    Angeli Charmaine C. Tan, Marc Eric S. Reyes, Roger D. Davis
    Suicidology Online 2019;10:8.

  • Suicidality in a Non-Clinical Sample of Nigerian Adolescents: Prevalence and Correlates
    Opakunle Tolulope, Aloba Olutayo, Suleiman Babatunde, Akinsulore Adesanmi
    Suicidology Online 2019;10:7.

  • Gender and Suicide: an Exploration of Suicidality with Reference to Gender in Dir Lower, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan
    Nasar Khan, Arab Naz, Waseem Khan, Waqar Shahzad, Ayesha Gul
    Suicidology Online 2019;10:6.

  • Preadolescence and Attempted Suicide: A Qualitative Analysis of Parent-Child Relationships
    Jennifer Weniger and Brian Distelberg
    Suicidology Online 2019;10:5.

  • Dermatoglyphic biomarkers in mothers whose offspring completed suicide. A clue for screening out families at risk?
    Israel Oron
    Suicidology Online 2019;10:4.

  • Suicide in post agreement Northern Ireland: A Study of the Role of Paramilitary Intimidation 2007-2009
    Sharon Mallon, Karen Galway, Janeet Rondon-Sulbaran, Lynette Hughes, Gerry Leavey
    Suicidology Online 2019;10:3.
  • Suicide and Human Sacrifice; Sacrificial Victim Hypothesis on the Evolutionary Origins of Suicide
    D. Vincent Riordan
    Suicidology Online 2019;10:2.

  • A review of Suicide and Agency: Anthropological Perspectives on Self-Destruction, Personhood, and Power
    Christian Thorsten Callisen
    Suicidology Online 2019; 10:1.

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