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2020 (vol. 11)

  • Examination of Anger Expression in Female and Male Suicide Attempt Survivors
    Cleonice Zatti, Sérgio Eduardo Silva de Oliveira, Luciano Santos Pinto Guimarães, Lucia Helena Machado Freitas
    Suicidology Online 2020; 11(1), 59-61.

  • Emotional Responses to Psychiatric Hospitalization among Inpatients Admitted With and Without Suicidality
    Rivka T. Cohen, Michelle Schoenleber, Kim L. Gratz, and Matthew T. Tull
    Suicidology Online 2020; 11(1), 53-58.

  • Examining whether South Korean and Japanese Views of Suicide and Death Help to Better Understand their Contrasting Suicide Patterns
    William Feigelman, Daisuke Kawashima, Yoshiki Koga, Kenji Kawano, Julie Cerel
    Suicidology Online 2020; 11(1), 41-52.

  • Relative Importance of Social Support and Social Connectedness as Protective Factors of Suicidal Ideation Among Selected Filipino Late Adolescents
    Marc Eric S. Reyes, Roger D. Davis, Cyrille Ann Patrice Q. Chua, Gabrielle L. Olaveria, Louise Jenri E. Pamintuan, Ma. Katrina B. Serrano, Joshua Lou Erik C. Tan
    Suicidology Online 2020; 11(1), 29-40.

  • The Role of Parenting Characteristics in the Mental Health Treatment Utilization of Latino Adolescents with Suicidality
    Dana Alonzo
    Suicidology Online 2020; 11(1), 19-28.

  • The Debate over Whether Physician-Assisted-Suicide Is the Same or Different from Suicide
    David Lester
    Suicidology Online 2020; 11(1), 16-18.

  • Suicide and our SubSelves: Understanding Celebrity Suicides
    David Lester
    Suicidology Online 2020; 11(1), 13-15.

  • Suicide in Central Asia
    Shahnaz Savani, Robin Edward Gearing, Yuri Frantsuz, Maria Sozinova
    Suicidology Online 2020; 11(1), 1-12.

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